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The Art Tatum Zone is a neighborhood revitalization company transforming Toledo's Junction neighborhood through place-based cradle-to-career opportunities. By empowering individuals from early childhood to adulthood through programs in education, job readiness, health, and leadership, the Art Tatum Zone is working to create a new model for vibrant, sustainable communities.

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence"

- Art Tatum


Our mission is to ignite transformation in the Junction neighborhood through bold acts of love that foster hope, provide help, and break generational cycles of poverty.

Our vision is to see a healthy and safe community where every person thrives and contributes to a vibrant neighborhood built on compassion, opportunity, and mutual support.

World-renowned jazz pianist, Art Tatum, grew up in the Junction Neighborhood and overcame numerous obstacles to achieve remarkable success. His family, represented by his last living niece, Lucille Johnson, approached the leaders of The Art Tatum Zone and asked them to use his story and childhood home to inspire the community's children and families to dream big and work hard. Through the restoration of his home and the construction of the Inspiration Center, the ATZ team is honoring this legacy and fulfilling her request.



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