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Home Renovation

Neighborhood Stabilization

A housing repair and rehabilitation program that seeks to increase the safety and security of homes in the community

Volunteer / Partner

It takes many hands and the support of partners with expertise to make light work of these projects.  If you want to be a part of the ATZ team in this capacity, email

going home logo lined.png

The Goin' Home program is named after one of Art Tatum's well-known numbers.  We want to take his talent on the keys and turn that into keys to an updated home we put in the hands of a family that loves the Junction!  We are making progress on the ATZ home renovation on Indiana.  We plan to have this for sale by end of September and have a new family move in where we can enthusiastically say "Welcome Home" as we see the house we worked on become a home.  

What You Can Do

We are working on defining the types of projects you can help us with as we work to transform and love on our community.   Details coming soon.

Paint Cans

What We Can Do

We are working on defining the types of projects we can help with to improve homes, sidewalks, yards and more.  Details coming soon.

We currently have some funding to help our neighbors in the Junction fix up their front porches.  Let us know if we can assist and what the need is that you have.  Email us at

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