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Transforming Community through BOLD acts of Love!


The Art Tatum Zone exists to create a comprehensive, integrated framework of programs and services that will serve to bring hope and help to children and families.  The work will be built upon a foundation of existing strengths and assets within the zone to help transform a community guaranteeing that children, youth, and their families achieve academic excellence, family and housing stability and economic self-sufficiency. We seek to transform our community through bold acts of love. 



The vision of the Art Tatum Zone is to create a healthy and safe community where every child excels and every family succeeds, and where every community member is self-sufficient living in a neighborhood that they are proud to call their permanent home. 


Compassion    John 13:34    Assuming the best of others.

Collaboration    Eph 4:16    We can't do it alone.  

Innovation    John 3:16    Love finds a way.  

Excellence    John 15:12    Unselfishly seek the best for others.

Learning    Proverbs 12:1    The more you know the better you can do for others. 

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Meet The Team

ATZ Executive Team


Dr. Calvin Sweeney is the President of the Art Tatum Zone

Dr. Calvin Sweeney is the Lead Pastor of The Tabernacle, as well as the President and founder of the Art Tatum Zone. He is committed to efforts that bring individual and collective transformation. 


Dr. Sweeney earned his doctorate in Education and Leadership from the University of Toledo in 2012, and has extensive experience in initiatives and programming that foster community and family engagement. Additionally, he is an expert in helping leaders with vision formation, communication, and execution. 


Dr. Sweeney is passionate about City Transformation and is respected as a leader’s leader by many local influencers.  Dr. Sweeney was a professor at the University of Toledo, as well as a teachers with Toledo Public schools for nearly 20 years, before he took the position as the Lead Pastor at The Tabernacle.


Dr. Sweeney has been married to his wife Christine for 24 years. They are the proud parents of six children and reside in Toledo, Ohio.


Christine Sweeney is the Executive Director of the Art Tatum Zone.  Christine Sweeney was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, and is proud to call the city home. She graduated from the University of Toledo with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and dedicated her life to the education of children as a teacher with Toledo Public Schools for more than 19 years. She recently retired and has stepped into full time leadership as the Executive
Director of the Art Tatum Zone, a nonprofit focused on strategically and systematically assisting students and families in the Junction Neighborhood.

Christine served in numerous capacities within the schools in which she taught, including, but not limited to, as a member of the Intervention Response Team, Building Leadership Team, Positive Behavior team, as well as many other leadership roles. Because of her extensive educational experience and her experience as a parent and a member of a faith-based organization, Christine brings a unique paradigm to conversations regarding education, family
and community, and she is a sought-after consultant, working with high level leaders in for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

Christine works extensively with the leaders and staff of the Art Tatum Zone overseeing the organization’s day to day operations. She also serves faithfully as part of the pastoral staff at the Tabernacle, a thriving and growing church situated in the heart of the city with her husband, Dr. Calvin Sweeney. She finds fulfillment in using her God-given ability to help others identify and fulfill their purpose, and to thrive in their God-given gifts.


Christine and Calvin have been married for 22 years and are the proud parents of four children, Christina, Calvin Jr., Caroline, and Heaven, who are by far the proudest accomplishments of their lives.

ATZ Leadership Team Members

Lisa Cramer, Executive Assistant

Amber Morris, Program Director

The Program Director is responsible to find the connections and create synergies between the six pillars of service that engage, serve and provide opportunities for families, students and businesses to contribute to intiatives designed to make the Junction Neighborhood one of choice.  This includes overseeing the Education Pillar by managing staff and creating active partnerships and programming lineups that enrich the lives of students in academics and experiences throughout the year.  

Heidy Eckel,  Community Hub Director at Jones Leadership of Business

The Hub director works at Jones Leadership Academy of Business and helps organize school and community resources around student and community success.  This includes overseeing and coordinating partnerships and programs in the different priority areas: Academic success, Family and Community Engagement and Health and Wellness.

Aloee Jackson, Community Hub Director at Pickett Elementary School

Roz Goodwin, Senior Community Support, Pinewood Place

Dewey Foster, Student Support Coordinator

Our Partners

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