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Talent Never to be Duplicated

Jazz Profile

The Dozens: Art Tatum at 100

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Visionary. Determined. Passionate. Fearless. Love.

Art Tatum, a legendary jazz musician, was born right here in Toledo, Ohio. Nearly blind by the age of four, Art was determined to never let obstacles or hardships stop him from pursuing his passions. 

Although predominantly self-taught, Art fell further in love with the piano after attending Toledo School of Music. After graduating from Scott high school, Art began to emerge from the music scene at the age of 19.

Art had a fresh way of playing. In fact, it was so innovative that many argued his genre wasn’t jazz in the first place. Because of his unique skill and technique, many who listened to his music, often thought it was two pianists playing at once. In the 1930s, Art’s playing style was first of its kind…and he is the first ever since. His talent ultimately led him to becoming a two-time Grammy award-winning artist.

Unfortunately, his life ended prematurely at the young age of 47 years due to a kidney illness, but the impact of his music and passion continue to live on. 

The Art Tatum Zone is a result of Art’s fervent and bold spirit.

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