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Opportunities to use resources to grow and care for your people. When we serve our people well, they give the business | family | life | community their very best, creating the conditions for great results.

Global Leadership Summit

Use discount code 23PHSHOST on your registration form to receive this discount rate.

GLS 2023

Thursday and Friday, August 3 & 4

Whether you’re a business leader, CEO, pastor, or simply are finding your place, you have influence. Every day you impact those around you through your influence– for better or worse.  For that reason, and so many more, take the time to invest in your leadership, your influence intentionally by attending the annual Global Leadership Summit at sites all around the nation– including the Art Tatum Zone at the Tabernacle. 

Connect with life transforming content and with other leaders from your community and discuss ways that you and others can create a lasting impact by working together in your sphere of influence.

Register and commit early, by May 3, and save $40.  That makes the two -day leadership training with world-class speakers for just $139.   


Toledo School of Leadership

A satellite of Vision International University that offers more than 30 certificate and degree programs for a greatly reduced price for individuals looking to increase their leadership capacity and preparedness.


Inquire about the Toledo School of Leadership today!

Attend from your own home!

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