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Community HUB

The goal is to have...

Community Hubs, which connect residents, students and their families to resources and supports within their neighborhood. The strategy makes a school/church - a place that already acts as a natural anchor for children - the center of an entire neighborhood by bringing together multiple services and programs and making them accessible to everyone - not just students at the schools or members of the church.


Community Hubs strive to collaborate with area partners to offer an integrated and impactful array of services, supports and opportunities that lead to a better neighborhood. Each Hub has a team that consists of the Hub director, and other influencers such as the principal, administrators, teachers, support services staff, partners, parents, neighborhood residents and other community members/businesses who determine the services provided at that location.

Jones Leadership Academy

Heidy Eckel, the Community Hub Liaison for Art Tatum Zone at Jones Leadership Academy is focused on services which 'raise the tide' knowing that when the water rises, all boats rise with it.  Together, we are better.

Pickett School

Aloee Jackson, the Community Hub Liaison for Art Tatum Zone at Pickett School is excited to be able to bring connections and collaborations to students, families and the neighborhood so that all thrive!

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